The Benefits of Eating Raw Foods

Raw foods will create an anti-aging effect, anti degenerative effect because of the enzymes present in it. Sprouted food is low in anti-nutrients, high in protein, high in other nutrients, reduces body acidity & inflammation which improves blood sugar management and proper functioning of your body. Therefore raw is king!

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Research has shown that raw foods are far more nutritious than cooked food because higher temperatures destroy the enzymes and nutrients found in food naturally. Any food that is never exposed to temperatures above 115°F (46°C) is considered raw. According to research, naturally occurring food contains enzymes that aid in digestion, whereas these same enzymes above 118°F are lost, making it difficult to digest. Cooking food not only destroys its enzymes but also destroys that’s vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Once these naturally occurring enzymes are destroyed, the body must then utilize its enzymes for digestion by using its own every that takes energy and leaves you feeling sluggish after a meal.

The process of aging in human beings has been tied to dehydration. Think of the fruit in the sun too long; imagine a slice of apple left outside. That’s what dehydration can do to our bodies. Therefore, people who eat primarily raw food feel younger than those who eat mostly cooked and processed foods. Furthermore, natural foods help us balance our body’s PH levels and also alkaline our body. But on the other hand, higher acidic levels and inflammation in the body are the leading dietary causes of diabetes.

Dietary causes of diabetes are:

(1) Fat interfering with hormones,

(2) Acidic and inflamed system and

(3) Lack of micro nutrients [vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients, antioxidants, nutraceuticals, etc.].


If you can fix your diet to remove these three irritants, you will see significant improvement in your blood sugar levels. By eating raw food, you significantly reduce fat that is being consumed ( with few exceptions like fatty nuts – walnuts, etc.)  but the biggest benefit comes in the form of reducing the acidity and inflammation in your body as well as providing enough micronutrients to the body. By doing these things, you see a significant improvement in blood sugar management and proper functioning of your body. Raw foods will create an anti-aging effect, anti degenerative effect because of the enzymes present in it.  If you can increase your intake of fresh food and cut out cooked and processed foods, you will provide your body with plenty of enzymes with will make you feel and look much younger. Therefore raw is king!


Well if raw is king then what could be better than raw? Sprouting, sprouted seeds are the best type of food one can consume. Sprouting is essentially the practice of germinating the seed. By sprouting the food, it becomes even more alive and ready to be easily digested. Sprouting not only retains the naturally occurring enzymes in the food but it also enhances the full nutritional profile of the food. According to recent research when grains were compared to its sprouted counterparts, sprouted grains had higher protein content, amino acids, and other nutrients. You can spout different types of grains, nuts, beans are other kinds of seeds.

Mother nature works in so many mysterious ways that we are still trying to explain some its workings with the help of science yet we still don’t know a lot. Imagine the small seed has the potential to grow into a big plan or free. It has tremendous power all you need to do is to ignite the power and unlock its potential.  Sprouting does exactly that. Plant seeds also have anti-nutrients which serve as protection for the seed until it is ready to grow into a plant. Sprouting also reduces these anti-nutrients while unlocking its full nutritional profile.    Removing these Anti-nutrients make it far easier for digestion. Another benefit of sprouting is that it increases the fiber content and it breaks down the gluten for easier digestibility.

How to sprout

The process of sprouting is easy. The method is the same for nuts, seeds grains and beans the only difference is the germination time it will take.You start out by rinsing the food that you’re trying to sprout. Now soak the seeds/grains overnight by placing in a large jar. Make sure the seeds are entirely submerged underwater. I soak my seeds in the sprouter that I made. Link to instructional video on how to make your homemade sprouter is here. You should soak the seeds overnight for at least 10 to 12 hours. Next day, rinse out the seeds in clean water. From now on you don’t need to keep the seeds submerged in water. Every 12 hours try to rinse your seeds in fresh water. I follow a daily routine of doing it at 7 AM and 7 PM. Depending on the seeds or grains you are using you’ll start to see sprouting begin in 2 to 3 days. Continue this process for another day or two until sprouts are at least 1-inch in length. Now you the sprouts are ready. Once sprouting is complete rinse the sprouts with clean water, drain all the water, store in a jar and refrigerate. 

What to sprout

A seed is an embryonic plant covered in a seed coat. Grains, legumes, pulses, and nuts are all types of seeds. Grain is a small edible fruit that is hard on the outside. A legume is a kind of seed in pods, distinctive flowers, and typically root nodules containing symbiotic bacteria able to fix nitrogen. A Pulse is a dried legume which is very high in protein and fiber and low in fat. A nut is a hard-shelled pod that contains both the fruit and seed of the plant. You can soak almost all sorts of seeds mentioned above, but a few won’t sprout. Find below a sprouting chart. 

Food Soaking Time Sprouting Time Approx Sprout Length
Almonds 12 Hours Will not sprout N/A
Black Beans 12 Hours 3 Days 1 Inch
Cashews 3 Hours Will not sprout N/A
Chickpeas 12 Hours 3 Days 1/2 Inch
Green Peas 12 Hours 3 Days 1/2 Inch
Lentils 10 Hours 3 Days 1/2 Inch
Millet 8 Hours 2 Days 1/8 Inch
Moong Beans 12 Hours 4 Days 1 1/2 Inch
Mustard 6 Hours 4 Days 1 1/2 Inch
Pecans 6 Hours Will not sprout N/A
Radish Seeds 12 Hours 3 Days 1 Inch
Walnuts 4 Hours Will not sprout N/A
Wheat 12 Hours 3 Days 1/8 Inch
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